Going from Marx to money

two illustrations from the latest issue of "Djoef". i'm very happy with the way the girl in the first illustration turned out, nice energy.

and the second one was for an article about how politicians test their politics on voters before they put it to a vote.

Evil doodle

true evil, hiding a face so ordinary.


a couple of illustrations from the latest issue of "djoef". i'm very happy with the way these worked out, especially the top one with the star catcher... and the angry gentleman in the second one.

...And they pull me right back in

these are from the latest issue of the danish "arena magazine". a few years back i promised myself that i would never do collages again (i did them for a long time and absolutely hated it at the end) but for some weird ass reason i did some again, and to further complicated why, i choose too myself, it was not a wish for the art director. so without anymore excuses. the pics followed by how they printed. and don't call and ask for collages, i will not do them anymore! and this time i mean it.

In todays paper

a brush drawing in todays edition of kristeligt dagblad. for article 2 in a series of 3, about infertility and how it broke a couples love. below is a shot of how it printed.

Survival guide

a cover and a vignette done for "p-l-s puls". this was a real fun assignment to work on, the brief was very open and more suited for something less conceptual.

as a result of working the way i do, and constantly having my head in the gutter, i made this more risky version as well (never submitted it to the client), it reminds me more of the kinda corny feel from the early "resident evil" playstation games.

a screen dump of how it printed.

...and a vignette for the inside article.

It's all in the name

this was a rush job for Lars Henriksen at kristeligt dagblad. it was printed in saturdays edition of the paper, for an article about new research linking your name to the risk of ending up in jail. right now men with the names Liam, Noah or Kenneth, are statistically more likely to commit crimes...

In todays paper

this illustration was printed on the cover of todays edition of kristeligt dagblad, for an article about how Charles Darwin kinda took God out of the equation.
the sharp eye will notice the small Darwin series logo below, also done by me.

another illustration in the same paper, for an unrealted article about the many things that are prohibited while doing research according to the catholic church.
again with a small series logo by me.

also... i have just added some snapshots to a post with chimps panicking over the finacial crisis, the post was published a while back.