Natures best friend

a full page illustration from the latest issue of "aeldre sagen", a fun assignment which has become a regular gig, this time about the environment and our double standards when it comes to practicing what we preach... i recommend watching the Al Gore docu/movie "An Inconvenient Truth" AND reading Bjorn Lomborgs "Cool it", both valid and enlightening contributions, taking 2 very different views at the same problem... i personally stand somewhere in between... and am lucky enough to get the opportunity to poke some fun at them both.

this is how the illustration ran in the magazine. screen dump from , the article on the left is not a tie-in with the illustration.

talking on the phone doodle

Criminal record

this waterless swimmer was printed on page 2 of todays kristeligt dagblad, for an article by Freja Bech-Jessen, she's always really nice to work with, and i have done some of my favorite illustrations for her articles. you can read the article here in danish.

this is how the swimmer looked in print.

On the table right now


sketch in ball-point pen for an illustration for "djoef", and indication of word balloon in photoshop.

A natural explanation

this was a section cover for fridays edition of kristeligt dagblad. it was for an article about Charles Darwins 200th birthday. you can read the article by Morten Mikkelsen here. i'm very very happy with the way the illustration turned out, but a little bummed about the dark printing in the paper. some colors just don't print well on newsprint, and here i picked those colors for crucial areas of the pic.
i especially like the composition and little details like the girls tattoo.
the final as it was emailed to the paper.

the real final version. a little text was added just to make sure that the Darwin reference would be clear to others than me and the writer.

...and this is how it printed.


a couple of illustrations for the danish magazine "klassisk" for an article about the composer Mendelssohn.

the portrait before color was added.

during world war 2, the nazi's destroyed a statue of Mendelssohn.

Moon river...

this illustration was done more than a month ago for the christmas issue of a danish veterinary magazine.

Financial crisis creating more equality

this was printed in the latest issue of "djoef" for an article about the apparently never ending financial crisis.


this was a vignette for yesterdays cover of kristeligt dagblad.

Old people in cars

this was a one-two punch printed in kristeligt dagblad right after new years. they were for an article about the ethics of letting elderly people drive even when their hearing, seeing or/and thinking are not really that good anymore. we all know an older person, a great grandfather perhaps, we love the old geezer, but we don't feel comfortable with him behind the wheel anymore.
the first illustration was printed on the cover of the paper and the second inside along with the article.

CO2 emission during Idea process

Newspaper illustrators of the last 25 years

the small group of danish newspaper cartoonists/illustrator have recently published a very nice book. which covers the artists whose work have regularly been printed in the danish newspapers for the last 25 years. there are some incredible drawings in this huge book. all the text is in danish. i'm very proud to be a part of this book. my humble part is shown below.


this all black and white illustration was printed in saturdays edition of kristeligt dagblad, for an article by Evelina Gold about a mothers struggle to help her anorexic son. a battle against both the disease and the public health. you can read the article in danish here.

this is how it printed in the paper. lucky for me i don't have to make a living as a photographer.

Cover of PULS

the december cover for "puls" published by pls was illustrated by yours truly. pls was actually the very first danish client i illustrated for. now more than ten years later it's fun to see my work in the publication again.
my son Jonas would have liked for one of the children to be wearing the underpants on her/his head, but i thought it would more dynamics to the scene if a teddybear was hurled into the mix, wearing the underwear as a mexican wrestler would wear his mask.

this is how it printed. (picture taken from pls's website... even after all these years they still forget to send me a copy... Pelle!)

On the cover of todays paper

this illustration made it all the way to the cover. originally it was intended for a page 2, for an article about impartial financial advise. for those not familiar with the danish currency, red riding hood is wearing a hundred kroner bill as her hood.

the illustration as i emailed it.

Finance panic in Arena magazine

a spread and a 1/4 page illustration for arena magazine. the article was about the current world wide finance troubles and especially the panic scenes on the stock exchange in denmark. were brokers started showing real animal behavior and went for the old group panic. sell sell sell.
i drew a lot of chimps to fell just a little more comfortable to make up my own more humanized versions. all in all i think it worked rather well. the art director Morten Gorm emailed me a pdf version of the spreads, making me able to see exactly how much room i had for my lines. i'll post some pics of the printed pages when he gets around to sending me a copy of the magazine.
can't wait to see them in print.

this is how the drawings printed.

Naser Khader in todays kristeligt dagblad

an editorial illustration printed in todays kristeligt dagblad. for an article about the danish politician Naser Khader. sketch below.

It's the stuff that dreams are made of!

this was extremely fun to do. a section cover for kristeligt dagblad. the article was about the recent success for crime fiction in denmark. i started thinking of Philip Marlowe by Chandler, and all the cliches that make the genre... and it stead of trying to avoid them, i embraced them and did a classic chain smoking private eye and a damsel in distress. (even with her elongated arms and too bulging tummy for todays standards, she is my favorite part of the illustration).
i did the illustration in illustrator, referring loosely to me sketch (below).


pencil doodle done at my parents house on the 26th of december.
for some reason wanted a color by number drawing, so i did this santa for him... Jonas said i had forgotten to use yellow. i relied that i didn't know yellow was needed. but of course it was, so i had to pull something out of bot my hat and santas.
some studies of current and past danish politicians. the girl on the left and the horned guy with glasses never got elected.

K. E. Løgstrup portrait

a portrait of danish philosopher K. E. Løgstrup, done for the danish newspaper kristeligt dagblad. it ran as a section cover. it was real fun and challenging to do.

Back from christmas

i'm back at the drawing table after a wonderful christmas vacation, hope you all had a great one too. the illustration was an assignment done back in november, which i ended up using as my own christmas card as well. but for i never got around to posting it, better here it is.