Female criminals

yesterday i posted the sketch for this illustration. the final ran in todays kristeligt dagblad, for an article about female criminals. the article was written by Freja Bech-Jessen. you can read the article here.
the illustration was done in illustrator, working very freely over the tight letters and the indication of a safe. the letters are in danish and mean "the law".


i have been really busy for a long time and the work just keeps piling up... unfortunately a lot of it will not see print before the first week of december, and some of it in late december. but i'll post it here as soon as it's out.plus i'm working on a children's book and a small book with my doodles (not out till 2009). the wild sketch below was for an illustration for kristeligt dagblad about female crime. i'll post the final tomorrow when it is scheduled to be printed.

Coffee club

i did this for "djoef" a while back, for an article about a coffee club for executives, a safe place where they can exchange their ideas for commercial world domination... and whatever else they might talk about.

Foreign languages

this was printed on the cover of todays kristeligt dagblad, taking up almost half of the papers front. (wow). it was for an article by Morten Mikkelsen about foreign languages and how they are facing though times in denmark. you can read the article here.


section cover for saturdays edition of kristeligt dagblad. for an article by Johanne Duus Hornemann about the many new novels coming this season, from writers being published the first time.


"perhaps you would feel more comfortable at more creative company?", half page in the latest issue of "djoef". drawn in illustrator.

Job interview feeling like interrogation

this will be printed in "djoef", and it was all done in illustrator. funny to play with the whole noir mood.