Financial crisis

yesterday, around noon, Jeppe Duvaa, editor at kristeligt dagblad, called to hear if i was up for doing a cover for the paper? i already had my hands full with other assignments. luckily for him and me, one of them was for the paper, and since he is the editor-in-chief he just bumped the deadline for the other assignment. (feels good to know you are needed).
the assignment was for the cover, for several articles about the now world wide financial crisis. it would be okay to take a very negative angle on the illustration, but since one of the articles conveyed hope and possibilities for better times in some areas due to the crisis, that had to be worked in also. now under a tight deadline (a few hours) i started making small sketches in my sketchbook. quickly i settled for a dollar sign and some vultures picking away at it. for a brief moment i thought about having the dollar sign taking a polygraph test, but not being sure what the hell that would mean, i scrapped the thought and proceeded with the original idea.

i was still trying to find a way to show something good coming from all this... and then i thought about what the dollar sign would look like if the vultures kept picking away... maybe a skeleton beneath the black graphic shape? hmmm... maybe small birds could make a nest in the naked bones?

after drawing the vultures and small birds with a brush,(no sketches for these, i prefer the raw, flawed and alive lines) i scanned them, made a rough file in photoshop with a grayscale dollar sign, slightly slanted to give the impression of weight having shifted, giving more imbalance. the file was then opened in illustrator were i drew the skeleton and made.. my only regret... the birds nest, which of course should have been drawn with the brush. but being tight for time it slipped my mind when i was drawing the vultures... so i took a short cut... now i wish i had not.

the vector file was exported and all the pieces were put together in photoshop, were i also added some halftone. and this is how the final looked.