We are all sheep

in the latest issue of "taenk", my version of a wolf in sheep's clothing. this was for an article about the role that many bank advisors play. we are the same, we will protect your money, you can trust me... and all that, turns out most people buy into it, not seeing them for what they really are, employed by the bank to make money for the bank.
this is how the illustration was layouted in the magazine. the art director was Geira Bjørn Olsen, she always makes me look good. thanks :)

the illustration as it was delivered by email. drawn in illustrator.

a close-up of the little gullible fellow.

In todays paper

this was printed in todays edition of kristeligt dagblad. in was for an article about religion and taking care of our planet. wonderfully written by Nanna Schelde.
the illustration is draw in illustrator.

Comforting talk

a 1/4 page illustration for businessweek, for an article about businessmen needing a new lexicon, to better communicate with their customers and employers.

Doodle from last night

a little "on-the-back-of-an-envelope" doodle from last night. the bottom of the doodle is drawn by my son Jonas, he felt another little guy in a truck was needed, and i think he was right.


i'm working on some tight vector illustrations for nyhedsmagasinet danske kommuner.


i'm working on this almost black and white illustration right now. i'm drawing it freehand in illustrator with the pencil tool. it has taken me quite a while to get the tool tweaked so it's just right, but it is differently getting there.


a full page for the latest issue of "forkant" published by dsr, for an article about networking and sharing info.

On the work table right now

working on a half page for djoef. more colors than usual.


the shadow was one cool ass comic book, especially the few issues drawn by sienkiewicz and the run by kyle baker... yummy.

You say tomato

this brush and photoshop colored illustration was printed in kristeligt dagblad more than a month ago.

Just thinking out loud

i reread a very interesting book by Nick Meglin last night, titled "on-the-spot drawing". after reading i started thinking more about the origin of making art, the modern illustration industry, cave paintings, art materials, kids books and many other things.
and i came up with something like this (it applies to my own work, but only the work i'm truly happy with)
my drawings travel backwards from my wrist to my mind. for it to move myself and if i'm lucky, others... i have to relax and let the drawing discover new things for me. i am just the passenger not the driver, let the drawing decide which course it set off. too much control from will only lead me to the mind, and an intellectual cloud will dim out the light that was there moments before.

Phone doodle

talking on the phone, letting the ballpoint pen scribble freely, reacting to the line made just before, once in a while some new idea will emerge... and it's always a good way to make a dull conversation seem shorter.

Cover for PLS-Puls

a fun cover for pls-puls, about how students applying for their first job need more than just good grades... they need life experience and to be a whole person, not just an empty shell filled with textbooks.


black ballpoint pen.


also for the latest issue of djoef, for a campaign to make a leadership canon. i always thought the wordplay was funny, and a real canon is certainly more fun to draw than a list of people... just to explain my train of thought (there is another funny image... a train of thought, i'm afraid all are not on board).

i tried a few different things with the coloring on this one. doing it more like cut shapes in different colors and hoping to make the extruding areas pop more with the warm colors. i will definitely need and like to work more in this direction. the bobbles in the pipe are inspired by the great Bob Staake.

djoef even found need to show the illustration on their website. looks nice. (feeling vain today).

SL - full page and a half page

a screen dump from sl's website showing a full page illustration i did for the current issue of socialpædagogen. the ad Bodil always makes my illustrations breathe and fit in like a charm... thanks.

the illustration was done in illustrator, drawn on the wacom board.

another illustration for the same issue (screen dump from sl's website), again the layout really makes the illustration a lot better than it was when i emailed it of.

both article are basically about needed help. at the job you need help to stay away from repeating the same unfruitful patterns over and over again... and when you start out at a new job, you need the help of a seasoned veteran to show you the ropes, and to teach you to fly.

"Shame on you" version 1 and 2

a real fun half-page illustration done for "frie skoler". i did this in brush and added the colors in photoshop. i like the left side of the drawing a lot better than the right side... in retrospect i'm not even sure i needed the text.

the editor called... minor changes, could you make the teacher look less angry? we talk back and forth. the editor would like me to reduce the size of the teacher, too big and menacing. i suggest loosing the text and try changing his body language to a more clam and less active stance, without having to scale him down, i make my case for the graphic balance of the illustration, which would be lost or at least not as interesting, if the teachers size is to similar to the that of the kids.
i put down the phone and draw a new face (a bit smaller than the original, so i have him wear a scarf to make of for the extra room... also makes the blend go over easier). i also add a new hand, leaning on the floor and making him look less likely to explode. the text is all gone, giving more room between the teacher and the boy, also taking away from the tension in version 1.

this is the final... as of today :)

Jumping doodle

If you have to take a leap of faith, please make sure you wear a helmet!

More music please

a second illustration for a previously mentioned article about the collaboration between choir and symphony, somehow this 1/3 spread didn't make it to the last post... better late than sorry.

Is that a birds nest on your head?

a full page illustration for the most recent issue of "aeldresagen nu", (published early august), for an article about wearing bicycle helmets and funny side effects from staying safe on the roads. the helmet can influence your hairdo quite a bit.
the illustration is done in illustrator, but drawn rather freehanded. a little bit of structure was added in photoshop.


another doodle maximus done with the trusted ball-point pen and a few markers belonging to Jonas. a big congratulations to everyone with a birthday this year :) (that should cover it)