"Shame on you" version 1 and 2

a real fun half-page illustration done for "frie skoler". i did this in brush and added the colors in photoshop. i like the left side of the drawing a lot better than the right side... in retrospect i'm not even sure i needed the text.

the editor called... minor changes, could you make the teacher look less angry? we talk back and forth. the editor would like me to reduce the size of the teacher, too big and menacing. i suggest loosing the text and try changing his body language to a more clam and less active stance, without having to scale him down, i make my case for the graphic balance of the illustration, which would be lost or at least not as interesting, if the teachers size is to similar to the that of the kids.
i put down the phone and draw a new face (a bit smaller than the original, so i have him wear a scarf to make of for the extra room... also makes the blend go over easier). i also add a new hand, leaning on the floor and making him look less likely to explode. the text is all gone, giving more room between the teacher and the boy, also taking away from the tension in version 1.

this is the final... as of today :)