I would like to thank the Greeks

this brush, vector and photoshop drawing is printed in the latest issue of "journalisten" for a debate about bureaucracy. i should have draw the small man in brush as well, but it seemed like a cool mix at the time.

No one gets left behind... maybe

a full page illustration for the latest issue of djoef, and a real fun one to do. so fun it grew from the assigned half page to the full page posted above. thanks to stig at djoef (the most understanding editor i have worked with) this caused no problems at all, and the lay outer worked his usual magic.

a close-up of the people standing in line. i tried to give them distinct and believable personalities, and hopefully make them look more like people i drew in the street, than characters i pulled out of my little grey cells at the drawing table.

the guy falling/dangling through the hole made me think of the amazing artist Jack Davis. i think i have captured a milligram of the vivid energy that the characters of Jack Davis always have.

On the back of the New Yorker...

this was a rush doodle done on the back of the New Yorker renew your subscription envelope. while my son was using the toilet and subsequently when he was having his teeth brushed by his mother, i was doodling away on the envelope... feeling really darn close to the New Yorker. what i did not see coming was Jonas (my son) reaction when he saw the drawing. first joy, then a confused look and the little question: why are they taking a bath when I'm not having a bath tonight? (he skipped his bath tonight on the account of looking more clean than usual). I quickly saved the situation explaining that the two characters in the tub had stepped in some very large and very gross pile of poop made by a space alien with 70 arms (70 is his favourite number right now). a this time he was laughing, I was feeling home safe and then my wife gave my the "way to go Pete! teach our 4 year old every nasty word you can think of"... leaving me only with the feeling of being close to the New Yorker's subscription address. (I'm hoping for a Candy Man effect here, I mentioned the New Yorker 3 times which should make them.. oh crap I mentioned them 4 times... never mind).


another one for kristeligt dagblad, this one ran saturday for an article about vengeance. the public feel the courts are far to lenient in rulings in cases dealing with violent crimes.


this ran as a section cover in fridays edition of kristeligt dagblad, for an article about poor hygiene, especially when it comes to washing hands.

a screen dump close-up of the germs. the first one i drew had some flea like quality, but the rest were just plain old weird and nasty. a real fun assignment, but i would not want to shake that hand.

Stem cell research

a couple of screen dumps from dsb's website, showing a couple of spreads i did in the latest ud&se, for an article on stem cell research.
the art director Torsten and i talked a lot more on the phone during these than i usually do with clients. it was a really nice process, getting immediate feedback and turning ideas upside down. the end result of these spreads is as much his doing as mine. but he still has not send me a copy of the issue...

Music please

full page illustration for a danish magazine about classical music title "klassisk". for an article about the collaboration of choir and orchestra. the art director wanted something with angels of death and horn blowers, and that is what he got. this was done in illustrator on the wacom board and texture and color added in photoshop.


this ran as a section cover for kristeligt dagblad saturday. the topic was the troubles publishing houses have holding on to the creative talent, the writers. the skip from one publishing house to another, making it all a bit shaky.

Birthday card for my dad

i made this drawing for my dads birthday. we gave him a garden hose and what looked like some futuristic water gun, and a trolly for the hose. i drew this with a black ball-point pen and colored it with my sons magic marker.