Shame after abortion

this brush illustration was printed in todays edition of kristeligt dagblad, for an article about the long term mental impact of having an abortion. read the article here. (in danish)

Venture capital

a fun one for grafisk arbejdsgiverforening. for an article about the graphic industry and venture capital. right now the risk takers are putting their cash in the big companies, but it's only a matter of time, before the "could be" gold nugget that is the graphic industry (printing companies and so forth) are noticed.

The last days of christianity

a halfpage brush drawing for kristeligt dagblad. it was printed about a week ago, for an article about the demise of christianity in europe. more an more europeans are mixing religions and making up new ways to practice their beliefs.

The Progressive

page 16 of the july issue of the progressive. for a very interesting column by eduardo galeano titled "lies and more lies".