Bark bark bark

2 illustrations for the latest issue of djoef. the top one was for an article about a watchdog company monitoring the ethics of danish companies. the one with the bees is about the difficulties of those over 50 to get hold of a job.


illustrations for the latest issue of socialpædagogen, for a theme about ethics, and how dealing with this in work situations is like navigating through dangerous waters. above is the cover for the issue.


1/4 page.

3/4 page.
you can download the entire issue at the very bottom of this link.


this was a bunch of sketch combined for a birthday card for lene (8861miles), the version she got had a lot of text.

Fired because of stress

i'm very pleased with the more loose line and yet sharp graphic feel of this one. it was for the online version of djoef. the man is drowning and needs help, and what does he get? fired!


this was a section cover for kristeligt dagblad (in the paper saturday). this was fun from the start and just kept on being a roll to work on. i'm really happy with the result.

close up of the flash light guy.

close up of the other guy (very insightful comments eh.)


Jonas did the millipede in the middle :)

How trade shaped the world

a half page illustration for businessweek, on the stands today. it's for a book review. the book states that trade has shaped the world as we know it, and gives many examples through history of just this.
a real fun assignment, and i'm quite happy with the result, and the very limited use of white.

Top of the world mom!

Power struggles

i did this illustrations a couple of months ago, maybe even more. but the article for which it was drawn, kept getting pushed to the next issue and then the next and so on. but today it finally saw print in the latest issue of djoef.

Chat monster

inspired by the recent debate about chat safety in denmark, i made up this emotional response to the topic. the illustration has yet to find a client... maybe you?

More doodles

doodles for some assignments for SL and some faces and a few cute animals.

Firing season

another half page for DJØF.


a half page for DJØF, about cutbacks in the public sector. this illustration is a mix between brush (the butcher and other black areas) vectors (the sausages and butcher knife) and some photoshop color and a little scanned structure... put it all in a pot, let it boil for two hours and ba da ding... a finished illustration.

Samvirke - bicycle thief

this is more than a month old, but for odd reason i forgot to post it.
cut stages of a bicycle theft. it read for right to left (follow the path). the duck finds his bicycle lock cut open. a sinister looking raccoon is the perpetrator, but he has already sold the bike to the naive bear counting the dead presidents. the rhino is out enjoying his new purchase (the stolen bike) when he is stopped by the law for a minor violation... and it is then everything falls into place.

much more colorful than my usual work, but i think it worked quite well.

Arena - minimagazine

3 illustrations for areana magazine, mini magazine that is. they will publish a mini version of the magazine to accompany 250.000 coca cola half litre bottles as a promotional move. a very very fun assignment... and just at the time i gave up on caffeine... bummer.


some more doodles for the death of email illustration... and a little man with glasses, reading the paper and taking a dump in a hollow tree. below 3 prepared beaked animals wander by, enjoying the weather.

Danica Pension

These five drawings were done for danica pension. the first four are for the same article. showing the same person at 4 different stages of life. notice the changes of the mans hair.
the fifth drawing was for a different article about keeping track of your economy, positive/neutral take.
all five drawings are done in pencil and colored in photoshop.

Magic marker doodles

the materials were kindly lent out by my son Jonas. of course he supervised the creation of these all-fun doodles.

his grandparents (my parents) gave him a small set of 6 markers some months ago. most of them are worn out, and he has gotten many new ones since...but these markers are so nice, almost brush like.

Losing your native tongue

fullpage illustration for the newest issue of socialpædagogen. for a very interesting and alarming ariticle about losing your native tongue. read the article here (in danish).