Death of email?

a more graphic and too morbid illustration (according to the art director) for a mobile phone magazine. i did a completely different version to keep the client. hey, they pay for my bread and a man has got to eat. i liked this version better though (and since this is my blog, i can post what i want)
below are some initial sketches, just thinking on paper about the title, "death of email?". i love my email. and the way i use it, i don't see facebook, instant messenger, sms's or anything else i am aware being able to take it's place.

since the sketch for another illustration is on the same spread of sketches, i'll show it below. this was for kristeligt dagblad, for an article about the danish radio channel p1, and how they seem to please their listeners too much, leaving the broadcast without any real substance. i disagree, it might have been better years ago, but it is still the best place to go on the airways , if you what to learn something.


this is from a month and a half ago. it was a rush job, done at the height of the strike of the sosu's. the article took the angle, that the sosu's would be holding the people they were paid to take care, hostage for the duration of the strike. the strike ended yesterday.

it printed real nice. i think the mix between the vector and the dry brush worked really well in this one.
of course the title of the article ended up having no connection to the visual at all.

My son Jonas

in less than 10 days my son Jonas will be 4 years old :)
the drawings below are from his first year and a half, but for some reason i could not find them on the blog. so here they are. they are some of my proudest artistic achievements.

only a couple of days old. sleeping.

getting a good solid meal.

12 days old. sleeping in his very own little bed, with an activity mirror.


sitting in his highchair at the table waiting for some babyfood.

again in the highchair a few months later.

he ate a lot during these months. this time a less realistic approach.

i have this drawing framed on my wall. it's was drawn on the inside of an envelope. his hair was pretty long and curly at that time.

sleeping in the backseat of the car. i drew him on the back of a parking slip, looking in the rearview mirror.

he finally fell asleep on a mattress on the floor. he had the fewer and needed all the tlc he could get.

Frog and millipede

this was for the danish magazine klassisk (about classical music). the format was a real challenge to work with. 40cm wide and 8 cm high. the article was a portrait of a piano player, i forgot the name. at a point he is talking about improvisation in music and tells a story/fable about a frog and a millipede. the frog asks the millipede on which foot he starts walking and the millipede freezes and can not walk. guess he never thought about it before. i added the bird and the piano keys vegetation to use the format a bit.

the page below is from the sketchbook i was working in at the time. notice the small doodle at the top left. this is the first initial doodle done while reading the article.


A couple of illustrations done about a month ago for businessweek. i'll post a print version of these when i get a hold of the magazines they were printed in.
here is a link to see how the bottom one was used online at

a really fun assignment for kristeligt dagblad. publishing houses are looking for the next best seller. it gave me the opportunity to do a black and white flash light scene. have you found the bestseller?

the illustration was cropped a little in print, but it still looked really nice on the page. black and white works so well on newsprint. as you can tell, i was very pleased to open the paper and see this one.