Doodles - from watching tv

some doodles done while watching television the other night. we were zapping back and forth between our two channels (yes, only 2) until we settled for the danish cop-series "anna pihl". luckily the shows story was very easy to follow, allowing me to sketch, think about an idea for an assignment (the post before this one) and add my own commentary track to the show.

Kristeligt Dagblad - snail

this is from todays paper, for an article about equality between the sexes in the danish churches.
in the print small chunks of the dots were lost... but somehow i like this (not when it chops the black line) i might try to emulate this look myself next time...and then have the printer loose ALL the dots... sign.

Kristeligt Dagblad - Adam Mansbach

this was for an interview with the american writer Adam Mansbach. the article was the first in a series about jewish literature in america.
It was printed on the cover of the book section of kristeligt dagblad. i would have liked a little more room around the drawing, but you can’t always get what you want.

Vices created by capitalism

this one was a hard nut to crack. but when i finally visualized the man dragging the dollar sign, almost like a very famous carpenter from Jerusalem, the rest almost drew it self.

i think it worked really well on the page. not conflicting with the colors of the weather forecast.
nice and crisp black and white.

Kristeligt Dagblad - art founding

for an article about the government supporting the arts, and the debate whether this should be done or not, and whether we should be having this debate at all.

this is how it looked in the paper.

Old stuff part 3 - Moody bear

these were all for an online project i did some years back with my friend Lene. when i had drawn the first batch, i mailed them off to Lene, who then did the next ones. we could do as many as we liked each time, and in any style of our choosing. the story line was never thought out in advance, giving all possibilities.
shown below are my part of the project, therefore it might read a bit clunky.

Old stuff part 2 - no name magazine

a couple of years ago i had the pleasure of doing a small project for "no name magazine". it was for a theme issue titled "exit". i gathered up a bunch of doodles, cropped and pasted in photoshop, added some dots and a little dialogue... and before long 5 pages with the title exit were done. i''m quite pleased with the result. what do you think?

Old stuff part 1

For the first time in a very long while, I've been trying to sort through some old boxes of drawings, comic books, photos and so on. I've already found a few things I would like to show on this site, going retro for a few posts :)
First of, I found these frogs. A few years ago I drew frogs all over the place, most of them have already made it onto the blog, but these must have eluded me the first time around. But here goes,
more frogs. If any of these have posted before, just think of these as their siblings.