Arena magazine

I recently did some illustrations for the danish arena magazine. The art director was super cool to work with and gave me total freedom. The illustrations were lots of fun to do.
This was for an article about relationships. And the author compared the success of a relationship to the flight of a bumblebee. The bumblebee should not be able to fly due to its weight, but hey it flies anyway. I wanted to draw a couple, just plain graphic drawing, and then a little bumblebee.
I didn't do any sketches for this, just a bunch of brush drawings, trying to think out and feel the shape inside, before going for it on paper.
I really like the girl (the hand belongs to the man).

The color was added in photoshop.

And this is how it was printed. The portrait on the opposite side is also by me.

Iraqi interpreter

this was a very interesting assignment for kristeligt dagblad. this illustration was for an interview with an iraqi interpreter, who interpreted for the danish army while it was stationed in iraqi. after the danish forces pulled out, the iraqis who had worked for the danes, now being threatened by the insurgents in iraq, were evacuated to denmark... long story, i know. But this one interpreted had a little extra something in his baggage. 2 wives. and bigamy is illegal in denmark, but it is also against the law to send him back to iraq, because his life would be in danger.
all these thought had to be considered as i did this rush job (3 hours i think, it was printed last Wednesday). some months back i did another illustration about the same interpreter, but this one was right at the time we all learned he had to wives, and therefore a more funny angle was okayed... you can find it here.

this is how it was printed in the paper.

A spread and a couple of vignettes for samvirke

the spread as it was printed. you can see the illustration without text here.

i also did a couple of vignettes for the same article.