Cover for Danske Kommuner

A cover for Nyhedsmagasinet danske kommuner. i also did a half page and a spot for the same issue. the two inside illustrations were approved right away, but the cover went back and forth a couple of times... this made me a little annoyed initially, but the art director knew what she was doing and with her directions the cover ended up looking a lot better and much more focused. thanks Christina.

I might have a problem...

my compulsive doodling is beginning to take over. last night i casually started what was to end up being a straight forward shopping note. i write the items in the order they are placed in the grocery. i jotted down kitchen towels near the bottom of the note... and then it happened. i could not control the ball-point pen and out of nowhere came this weird little racetrack scene. i have not been to a racetrack in about 15 year, last and only time was in Louisville, Kentucky. so where this came from i just don't know. should i seek help, or just use larger sheets of paper?

Birds, doodles and a nice sketchbook

i used a couple of these generic birds in an assignment for samvirke (danish magazine), but i will not post the entire assignment until it is published next month. well, more on this next month, these are just meant to be a tease.

i have not been posting many doodles lately, not as many as i would like too. well to correct a wrong, here are a few recent scribbles.
the first is from a nice sketchbook, given to me as a gift from my dear friend Lene (check out her art on or at ). it's a moleskin unlined journal, it came in a pack of 3, at it is very nice. thin pages, no waxy thick crap here... just plain crappie yellowish paper, the cheap feel i like.

and some more doodles, these are on envelopes used for making shopping lists. this is good advise for all you environmentalist out there. before you toss the received envelopes in the recycle bin, recycle them as drawing paper first!

In todays paper

i did this illustration yesterday and today it can be found on page 2 of kristeligt dagblad (see below). i love assignments like this. 4-5 hour deadline and a topic with some teeth, what more can you ask for?


a cover for frie skoler.

2 illustrations and a doodle

both illustrations were done for DJOEF. since they would be printed in the same magazine, i tried to make them a little different style wise. in retrospect i should have put a huge f..king cape on the innovation dude with the lit light bulb. that would have been sweet.

the doodle was scanned several weeks ago, but somehow got tucked into the wrong folder and was never to be found again... well a little time passed and there it is, no need for gollum or frodo to find this nasty scribble.

A tribute to grandparents

this was for an article, written by the always sweet Freja Bech-Jessen, about grandparents who are not allowed to take part in their grandchildren's lives, their own children are keeping them away from the kids. Freja wanted me to focus on the positive effect a good relation with your grandparents can have..and vice versa.
the illustration was printed in saturdays edition of kristeligt dagbladad.

Ghost patients

This weeks cover for "the weekly journal for doctors" here in Denmark. a theme in the journal this week is ghost patients, patients without a regular doctor, and sometimes no doctor at all.
at first i wanted to do a pac-man spoof, with the ghosts chasing the red snake (doctor symbol), but i thrashed the idea, thinking it would be too silly and be too dependent on the readers having played pac-man... and since the readers are mostly doctors... well, i went with the simpler idea above.

another illustration for the same issue. this was for an article about the pros and cons about having your own practice our "just" being an employe.