A logo, a cover and a halfpage

This theme-logo was done for Kristeligt Dagblad, for a series og articles about the schoolteachers of the future. the printed size of the drawing is no more than 2,5cm by 3,5 cm.

This was a cover for PULS. The pitch from the art director suggested the usual suspects angel on the layout... and as a small personal kick I did what would be the closet thing to drawing Kingpin, the rest is ok, but the Kingpin looking guy I like.

This was a halfpage for DJOEF. not much to say here, just having fun.

Couples therapy

Another rush job for Kristeligt Dagblad. The pitch called for a less conceptual and more straight forward drawing. an opportunity to do a brush drawing.

Empty talk

this was a super rush job for Kristeligt Dagblad. The call came in at 1300 and after a little talk we, the journalist and I, agreed on what would be the angle on the story. a few hours later the final is emailed off, and the journalist loved it. i'm just glad to help. (right, and i'm also a sucker for praise like everyone else).
The illustration was printed in today's edition right smack on page 2. page 2 is the only page the readers with absolute certainty look at every day... it has the weather report.

Brave new world

according to a top reseacher at google, we will in less than 50 years enter a new world of information. A time where information is displayed right in front of our eye, either via our glasses or contactlenses (...or maybe a chip implant in the eye socket... just thinking out loud here).
the word ballons read: "I know everything!" and "Who is talking?"
the article ran in yesterdays Kristeligt Dagblad. below is a snap of the page in the paper with my illustration.

Too much control

Too many rules, too much control will suffocate any process. Half page illustration for DJOEF.
I hope you all had a great christmas vacation and entered the new year at the peak of your game.