Oh joy!

apparently it's the season to catch a real nasty cold (5 days before christmas... oh what luck). i feel like the sith lord in the third star wars when he is zapping Samuel L. Jackson's lightsaber and his head swells, looking less frightening and more weird, like a hippo who's spent to much time in the tub. well fuck it, one more assignment (and a real fun one too, so i might bring out the painkillers for this one) and christmas vacation is here.
so if you drink, have one. if you smoke, quit. and if you have an extra 100 bucks to blow on gifts, think about giving it to someone not yet burdened by owning too many things.
peace and good will.. and all that.
the drawing is from the latest issue of djoef.

In todays paper

a fun one to do. read article here. gotta go. work work work. bye.

Proud as a pancake

Usually i don't post drawings without at least a few lines by yours truly, but this will have to be an exception. my son Jonas has been a loyal viewer of the danish christmas calendar called "julefandango" hosted by the very talented and warm Sigurd Barrett. during the show, Sigurd receives a lot of mail from children all over the country. they send in their drawings and a wish for a christmas song. of course Jonas wanted to send in a drawing as well. and here it is. Magnus Tagmus riding in his little train filled with christmas gifts, smoke whirling into the air. a spider in his huge jumping ball of web, a decorated christmas tree, with beautiful ornaments, including a turtle. santa and his cat round of this joyful piece of art. now will just have to see if Jonas is lucky to get picked out from the huge pile of christmas mail.

Lines, lines and lines

ah those christmas memories

a full page illustration in the current issue of "aeldre sagen", the theme was christmas. and having celebrated quite a few times gave me plenty of memories to pick from and further develop. this was a real fun and time consuming piece to do.
i did the drawing in illustrator and tweaked the colors and added some grainy structure in photoshop.

One size fits all

a full page illustration from the latest issue of "boern og unge" published by bupl. the art director was the very sweet Eva Krebs Larsen.
the topic of the article is an old but still very relevant one... cramped spaces in kindergardens.

and a smaller illustration for the same article, but this time more precisely dealing with bad air inside the kindergardens... who farted?

Christmas ducks going to Germany

a half page illustration for the latest issue of "taenk". for a short article about christmas ducks being transported from denmark to germany, where they are slaughtered and then transported back again. don't ask me why... seems kind a dumb to me.

Recent doodles

a couple of recent doodles. the astronaut croc was drawn with my sons magic markers during the creation of a wild home-made board game.

this was a shopping note doodled beyond legibility with Jonas (my son... for the slow readers out there). the subject quickly combined the ridiculous with the more juvenile. resulting in a vast amount of feces being drawn. the supercool and wild bat in the center, was drawn by Jonas :)

Businessweek - Henry Silverman

A portrait of businessman Henry Silverman for the latest issue of businessweek. the drawing was done with a brush, the violin in illustrator and colors added in photoshop.

Give to those in need

1 of 3 illustrations for the same article by Freja Bech-Jessen, printed in todays edition of kristeligt dagblad. the article offers 3 different profiles of those who give to charities.

Seattle Metropolitan

two illustrations for the urban brawl section of the december issue of seattle metropolitan. this time the urban brawl is about special education, and where this should take place.
the drawing was done in illustrator and a little structure was added in photoshop.

Business fraud

this was for an article by Henrik Hoffmann-Hansen, printed in todays edition of the danish newspaper kristeligt dagblad. you can read the article here, it's about the ethics of businessmen. a current case of fraud here in denmark, involving the now on the run, Stein Bagger, who has allegedly commit fraud for an amount exceeding 1 billion. boy am i in the wrong business.
the word balloon reads: "I can't remember what my own signature looks like". it seems like most of these cases somehow involve the perpetrators pretending to be someone else, at least on paper. the illustration was all drawn in illustration. sketch in pencil below.

i decided to loose the character on the left, when i started doing the final. he just didn't seem necessary anymore.

Torture victims

from todays edition of kristeligt dagblad. for an article about torture victims, and the very long waiting time for proper treatment and therapy. the wait is almost like going through torture again. "please wait" is written in scars on his back. the illustration is all brush and halftone in photoshop.

Also in fridays paper

this illustration was also printed in fridays edition of kristeligt dagblad. for an artcile about the new region midtjylland, and how they are working towards creating a more unified fill throughout the region. the article is written by Dorte Washuus, read it here.

Female criminals

yesterday i posted the sketch for this illustration. the final ran in todays kristeligt dagblad, for an article about female criminals. the article was written by Freja Bech-Jessen. you can read the article here.
the illustration was done in illustrator, working very freely over the tight letters and the indication of a safe. the letters are in danish and mean "the law".


i have been really busy for a long time and the work just keeps piling up... unfortunately a lot of it will not see print before the first week of december, and some of it in late december. but i'll post it here as soon as it's out.plus i'm working on a children's book and a small book with my doodles (not out till 2009). the wild sketch below was for an illustration for kristeligt dagblad about female crime. i'll post the final tomorrow when it is scheduled to be printed.

Coffee club

i did this for "djoef" a while back, for an article about a coffee club for executives, a safe place where they can exchange their ideas for commercial world domination... and whatever else they might talk about.

Foreign languages

this was printed on the cover of todays kristeligt dagblad, taking up almost half of the papers front. (wow). it was for an article by Morten Mikkelsen about foreign languages and how they are facing though times in denmark. you can read the article here.


section cover for saturdays edition of kristeligt dagblad. for an article by Johanne Duus Hornemann about the many new novels coming this season, from writers being published the first time.


"perhaps you would feel more comfortable at more creative company?", half page in the latest issue of "djoef". drawn in illustrator.

Job interview feeling like interrogation

this will be printed in "djoef", and it was all done in illustrator. funny to play with the whole noir mood.


these 2 illustrations are from the latest issue of "klassisk", a danish magazine about classical music and the people how play it. my drawings were for an article about Joseph Haydn, his life and extrem productivity. the first one was a low spread showing the first half of Haydns life, until he travels to London, which is covered in the full page illustration.

a little more room to breathe here. the bear, the chicken and big ben are references to music composed by Haydn.

Unpublished cover

this cover illustration ended up not getting used due to an editorial decision, and even though this sometimes stings, it's part of the game.

i did the sketch in ball-point pen at 50% of the reproduction size. getting the composition down (very Frazetta inspired), working out the stance of the soldier and the shadows.

i then drew the soldier in brush, giving him a rugged and unspecific look. he was suppose to represent soldiers as a whole, not any specific soldier.

the snake,the rifle and the danish flag were done in illustrator on top of the original sketch.

the brush soldier and the vector snake, rifle and flag... were put together in photoshop. i added a little halftone to make the light areas pop out a little more.
and this is how it would have printed.

Section cover for Kristeligt Dagblad

this printed really nice. though i would have liked the drawing better without the fake vernier (should have used reference, but spent to much time with the characters).

close up of my favorite part of the image.

3 times djoef

3 illustrations from the latest issue of "djoef". i'm a bit under the weather so no poetic talking about the illustrations today.. sorry.

Unfinished birthday card

time has a tendency to be scarce whenever i would like to make a birthday card for a member of the family (or maybe i just postpone it till the very last minute, leaving me with only a minute to do the card??). well, i never did finish this one. maybe next year. my intention was to do a small booklet with 8 spreads, and i only completed this one. ball-point pen and my sons markers.

Big bird


i just uploaded this little doodle to 19k3.blogspot.com which is a new project my friend Lene and i are just starting out at... it'll be fun to see where this is headed.

Going nowhere really fast

after a few days off from work (how come small vacations feel even smaller when they are over?), i'm glad to get back in the studio, and starting to warm up to the pile that seemed to grow while i was gone...
the doodle was done with a black ball-point pen, and i bet this guys ass would have been numb when he arrived at his destination, had i not been considerate enough to draw him a cushioned seat. well that’s just the kind a guy i am.