Putting on the squeeze

On a very very rare occations, an illustration will work just as well when flipped over. But I strongly suggest art directors avoid this without asking with hat in hand first. But Mikkel at DJOEF pulled it of. Bravo.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all you blog readers. today is another one of those proud days. I have a couple of illustrations in the same magazine as one of my all time favourite illustrators, the great Per Marquard Otzen. Google him, buy his books if you find them, his stuff is excellent.

Parents beating up teachers

Angry parents are beating up their kids teachers, or at least verbally abusing them to the point of mental break downs. The illustration accompanied an article about this in saturdays edition of Kristeligt Dagblad. I love assignments like this.
As printed in the paper, and my illustration by it self.