Changing a No to a Yes

This was printed by BUPL a couple of weeks ago. so much fun to do.

Our new leader

this was printed in the latest issue of Djoefbladet. I did the illustration some weeks back. Actually it was one of my first assignments done on the wacom board.

Doodle dandy part 3

New stuff at pingpongpen

Be sure to follow the action over at Ping Pong Pen, a weird little project my brother and I are doing, whenever our busy schedules permit.

Rush job

The art director calls at 15:30 (Danish time). Him: Got time to do a cover for tomorrows edition of the paper? Me: when is it due? Him: when can you have it done? (I'm treading water, I was about to call it a day, but heck, I can't turn down a cover) Me: 20:00? Him: that's way too late! Me: 19:00?? Him: that's going to be to late... Me: well, when is the latest I can hand it in? Him: 18:00... (long pause at my end. I'm looking at the clock which is now 15:45, the illustration is suppose to combine two articles, I have absolutely no clue what to do, even after a detailed pitch) Me: Ok, 18:00 it is. Him: Super.
17:30 comes and I still have squat. My ideas have gone in all directions, but none of them finding a home.... But then, in that last half hour everything falls into place. An ok idea, a fast drawing on the wacom, and the upload................... The AD says it's a go :)
Below is the result of 2 1/2 hours of running around like a crazy chicken. On today's cover of the paper and the artwork by it self.

learning to say no

this was for a book review in Kristeligt Dagblad. A new parenting book, teaching us to say No! to our kids... well not all the time, but just at the right time, according to the author.

The new agreement

illustration for Kristeligt Dagblad, for a review of a new translation of "the new testament", in this latest translation they have changed the title to "the new agreement". my job was to show that this would not go over well with all parties involved... including the big kahuna.

Danish election

Yesterday we Danes voted for government. these are some illustrations I did for Kirsteligt Dagblad during the campaign. Politicians are fun to draw.

Happy happy happy

According to a new study, the Danes (us folks in Denmark) are the happiest people on this little blue planet... I'm not sure we are, but I certainly am one happy dappy dude. The illustration was for Kristeligt Dagblad, for an article about the study. I used my new tool, the wacom, for this one... it felt real good and they liked it, so maybe more like this is about to come?