vacation is sweet

being on vacation is wonderful. it makes no difference how far away you go from home, it’s that vacation feeling that makes it all so great. knowing that everyday could lead to a new adventure you didn’t plan for to happen.
the doodles are some random lines on scrap paper. i don't really know why, but i seem to have a preference for drawing on paper not originally intended for drawing on... envelopes received in the mail, newspapers and so on. maybe it's lack of respect for my drawings or maybe it's a way to stay loose. what do you think? ...maybe it’s both.


I'm currently on vacation, so updates will be a bit more sporadic the next 10 days.

little mub

a calm moment for little mub. little mub, or mubbi among friends, is my son's alter ego. so of course the drawing is way of, he never sits still for 2 seconds. damn gotta post fast, little mub want to play bob the builder on the mac...

I'm all in

just the average night at the poker room. cincinnati creamtop is there, minnesota slick is trying to make up his mind... but we all know pittsburgh ponytail is coming out of this one on top.
hey! yeah you in the front, get of that light bulb!!

respect the day

today is friday the 13th, a day usually loaded with bad vibes... but not this time. lets break the circle of ill will towards this date, and treat it with the same respect as the monday the 5th or even saturday the 17th. should all days not be great? i say let this be one of the finest days in a long time, a turning point for us all. can you feel it? the times they are a changing (bob dylan).
i just wish i had scanned a doodle with a little more panache.

bad air day

"i went looking for something nice, but all i found was mr. booger" said the index finger to the thumb.

ring them bells

please do not try to visit the web site address printed on this piece of scrap. it will only lead you to a danish tax revenue centre... and we all what happens if you go there. if you for some godforsaken reason go there anyway, feel free to pay my taxes.
for readers who actually pay attention to the writing on this blog, will notice a small contradiction between today's drawing and an earlier statement about my dislike for drawing machinery. to my defence, the machinery in this drawing is quite wobbly and will never work, and whenever a machine is operated by a clearly "over-the-rainbow" loon of a bear, it's okay. so now you know.

the checkout girl

in some periods of our lives, it almost feels like we spend more time with the people working at the supermarket than our own families. maybe if our families had some more 3 for the price of 1 specials this would.
a book recommendation. i just finished "the joke's over" by Ralph Steadman. it's a wild and heart warm look back at more than 30 years of working with Hunter S. Thompson. a must read and the artwork chosen for the book is brilliant.


...and then i went and changed things again. do you like it? i do.
the layout has been changed to better suit the type of work i would like to show here. i spent a long time looking and reading through my blog from the very start to the latest entry... and somewhere along the line, i most have lost track of what i really wanted to use this blog for. it was never my intention for this to be a portfolio kinda blog, or a chronological work dairy (at least not of my commercial work). therefore i have decided to yank a lot of the posts that seem to move the blog away from my original intentions.