1, 2 or 3?

Just before the weekend a Danish minister starting talking about the Danes not giving birth to enough children. I think it's 1,8 per couple in Denmark. The female minister, Carina Christensen, who is 34 and without any children (she says she is too busy to have any), suggested that we should all have 3 children, making my wife and I come in 2 children short of being good citizens. there was quite the public out roar telling the minister to mind her own f..king business, and improve day-care, child leave and just about everything related to having a child.
No legislation is even being suggested from this...no one really thinks the government should meddle in what happens beneath the sheets.
The illustration was for this theme, and was printed in The Danish newspaper Kristeligt Dagblad today. My idea was to show that the first two children was out of love and the third one was for Denmark.