Smoke em' if you got em'

An AD I've worked with steadily for the past 5-6 years (one of the really nice ones... you know who you are) called me last friday. She had a little rush job, a quaterpage. I was hesitant to accept because I already had more than enough to do. And I have promised myself and my wife to cut seriously back on working on weekends...
but the AD keeps sweet-talking me, you can do one of your more loose line drawings, no colors needed, and the topic was too zany to turn down. a smoking jacket. no, not the top part of a suit, but a jacket that would actually suck in your exhaled smoke to avoid causing any annoyance to your surrounding (let's get real, if that was ever a real concern for smokers they would just stop smoking). being a fanatic non-smoker myself, I accepted the job.
Today the magazine arrived in the mailbox. And my son even liked the way it looked... or maybe it was the "filthy smoke...cough cough, uhh I'm so disgusting" remarks that he liked... we'll never know.
the drawing was done in black ball-point pen used as a dark red photoshop channel and I added a single color for the smoke.

On my desk

The sweet illustrator Linzie Hunter has been kind enough, to add some photos of my work area to her fun and always interesting site ...make sure to visit the site.

A real hoot

another illustration for the danish newspaper kristeligt dagblad. this one for an article about how priests seem to take up a lot of room in the public debates, and they seem to have an opinion about everything... I couldn't really hide my own opinion on this one. i had to control my own laughter several times while inking this, cause i kept thinking of Eddie Murphy in the Nutty Professor laughing his ass off.

Better wait

i did this for an article in the danish newspaper kristeligt dagblad about girls wanting to be grown (read sexy) too fast.

1, 2 or 3?

Just before the weekend a Danish minister starting talking about the Danes not giving birth to enough children. I think it's 1,8 per couple in Denmark. The female minister, Carina Christensen, who is 34 and without any children (she says she is too busy to have any), suggested that we should all have 3 children, making my wife and I come in 2 children short of being good citizens. there was quite the public out roar telling the minister to mind her own f..king business, and improve day-care, child leave and just about everything related to having a child.
No legislation is even being suggested from one really thinks the government should meddle in what happens beneath the sheets.
The illustration was for this theme, and was printed in The Danish newspaper Kristeligt Dagblad today. My idea was to show that the first two children was out of love and the third one was for Denmark.


About two weeks ago I was commissioned to do a full page illustration for a small Danish magazine. My plate was already pretty full, but I don't really like saying no. Two or three days later, my wife's grandmother dies. She was 89 and had lived her life to the fullest. Leaving many loving grandchildren and great grandchildren behind. the funeral was the day before the deadline, leaving me one day short to do the same amount of work. Work that seemed a bit irrelevant at this time. 4 assignments got done on time... and this one had slipped my mind with all the stuff going on... so an hour before before deadline I started this sketchy piece, added some colors to make it look a bit more finished and turned it in on time.
My wife's grandmother always said, the best way to avoid too much work is to do it right the first time.