Medical castration

Here's a little morning topic for all you morning risers out there :)
No seriously, I did this illustration a couple of days ago for today's edition of the Danish newspaper Kristeligt Dagblad. The article is about medical castration of convicted pedophiles. This was a really though one to do. If there is something that gets my inner Hulk going green, it's the thought of someone hurting children. So naturally most of my initial ideas were way out there... I scrapped them all, they were too brutal and over the top, and very unsuited for publication. I had to take a long break, another hit from the mighty Coca Cola and try to make sure I was visually communicating the topic, and not just my own feelings.
So I settled on a less vicious one.

Is there anybody out there?

This illustration is printed in today's edition of the Danish newspaper Kristeligt Dagblad. It's about increasing your chances of being heard.

Gold eggs

I did this illustration for an article about women selling their eggs ( the ones that can become little babies), and how much they should be paid for this. Should the payment be purely symbolic, like the payment for a sperm donor or should the payment be of a more substantial size, and thereby increase the number of egg donors.
The illustration ran with the article in today's edition of the Danish newspaper Kristeligt Dagblad.


A little collection of doodles, all done while I should have been thinking a little bit harder, about the assignment I was working on at the time. Usually I print out the specs and text for an assignment, to avoid staring at the screen to much. And with a simple ball-point pen in hand I start reading and jotting down ideas (if any pop up), and within a couple of minutes my hand and the pen get restless and the doodles start to appear.
None of the ones I have scanned here have anything to do with any assignment. Therefore I call them strays... not that they should be neutered. (some adult material has been edited out)


I just returned from a small 3 day vacation, and ran straight for the mac to show you guys this illustration. It ran in fridays edition of the Danish newspaper Kristeligt Dagblad as a section cover. The article was about how the media, the sex industry, magazines and so on, seem to have confused us all about want we really want from our love life.

Cat got your tongue

The illustration shown here was printed on saturday in the Danish newspaper Kristeligt Dagblad, for an article about, if the Danish government should pass legislation to try to protect the Danish language from the massive influence English/American.
I did the illustration rather fast, and I'm quite pleased with the result (so was the paper).