Putting on the squeeze

On a very very rare occations, an illustration will work just as well when flipped over. But I strongly suggest art directors avoid this without asking with hat in hand first. But Mikkel at DJOEF pulled it of. Bravo.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all you blog readers. today is another one of those proud days. I have a couple of illustrations in the same magazine as one of my all time favourite illustrators, the great Per Marquard Otzen. Google him, buy his books if you find them, his stuff is excellent.

Parents beating up teachers

Angry parents are beating up their kids teachers, or at least verbally abusing them to the point of mental break downs. The illustration accompanied an article about this in saturdays edition of Kristeligt Dagblad. I love assignments like this.
As printed in the paper, and my illustration by it self.

Changing a No to a Yes

This was printed by BUPL a couple of weeks ago. so much fun to do.

Our new leader

this was printed in the latest issue of Djoefbladet. I did the illustration some weeks back. Actually it was one of my first assignments done on the wacom board.

Doodle dandy part 3

New stuff at pingpongpen

Be sure to follow the action over at Ping Pong Pen, a weird little project my brother and I are doing, whenever our busy schedules permit.

Rush job

The art director calls at 15:30 (Danish time). Him: Got time to do a cover for tomorrows edition of the paper? Me: when is it due? Him: when can you have it done? (I'm treading water, I was about to call it a day, but heck, I can't turn down a cover) Me: 20:00? Him: that's way too late! Me: 19:00?? Him: that's going to be to late... Me: well, when is the latest I can hand it in? Him: 18:00... (long pause at my end. I'm looking at the clock which is now 15:45, the illustration is suppose to combine two articles, I have absolutely no clue what to do, even after a detailed pitch) Me: Ok, 18:00 it is. Him: Super.
17:30 comes and I still have squat. My ideas have gone in all directions, but none of them finding a home.... But then, in that last half hour everything falls into place. An ok idea, a fast drawing on the wacom, and the upload................... The AD says it's a go :)
Below is the result of 2 1/2 hours of running around like a crazy chicken. On today's cover of the paper and the artwork by it self.

learning to say no

this was for a book review in Kristeligt Dagblad. A new parenting book, teaching us to say No! to our kids... well not all the time, but just at the right time, according to the author.

The new agreement

illustration for Kristeligt Dagblad, for a review of a new translation of "the new testament", in this latest translation they have changed the title to "the new agreement". my job was to show that this would not go over well with all parties involved... including the big kahuna.

Danish election

Yesterday we Danes voted for government. these are some illustrations I did for Kirsteligt Dagblad during the campaign. Politicians are fun to draw.

Happy happy happy

According to a new study, the Danes (us folks in Denmark) are the happiest people on this little blue planet... I'm not sure we are, but I certainly am one happy dappy dude. The illustration was for Kristeligt Dagblad, for an article about the study. I used my new tool, the wacom, for this one... it felt real good and they liked it, so maybe more like this is about to come?

Ping Pong Pen

the latest drawing from a little run and gun like project I'm doing with my brother Martin. we call it pingponpen.


a brush drawing for an article about adoption, and the frustration from not knowing who your biological parents are. it was printed in Kristeligt Dagblad last friday.

Story by Jonas

Jonas and his mom had printed out some drawings from bbc's homepage. Bob the builder, Jakers and so on... but for every page they printed another almost blank page came out. On one of these pages Jonas and I had a little fun. He made up the story and I supplied the doodles.

vacation is sweet

being on vacation is wonderful. it makes no difference how far away you go from home, it’s that vacation feeling that makes it all so great. knowing that everyday could lead to a new adventure you didn’t plan for to happen.
the doodles are some random lines on scrap paper. i don't really know why, but i seem to have a preference for drawing on paper not originally intended for drawing on... envelopes received in the mail, newspapers and so on. maybe it's lack of respect for my drawings or maybe it's a way to stay loose. what do you think? ...maybe it’s both.


I'm currently on vacation, so updates will be a bit more sporadic the next 10 days.

little mub

a calm moment for little mub. little mub, or mubbi among friends, is my son's alter ego. so of course the drawing is way of, he never sits still for 2 seconds. damn gotta post fast, little mub want to play bob the builder on the mac...

I'm all in

just the average night at the poker room. cincinnati creamtop is there, minnesota slick is trying to make up his mind... but we all know pittsburgh ponytail is coming out of this one on top.
hey! yeah you in the front, get of that light bulb!!

respect the day

today is friday the 13th, a day usually loaded with bad vibes... but not this time. lets break the circle of ill will towards this date, and treat it with the same respect as the monday the 5th or even saturday the 17th. should all days not be great? i say let this be one of the finest days in a long time, a turning point for us all. can you feel it? the times they are a changing (bob dylan).
i just wish i had scanned a doodle with a little more panache.

bad air day

"i went looking for something nice, but all i found was mr. booger" said the index finger to the thumb.

ring them bells

please do not try to visit the web site address printed on this piece of scrap. it will only lead you to a danish tax revenue centre... and we all what happens if you go there. if you for some godforsaken reason go there anyway, feel free to pay my taxes.
for readers who actually pay attention to the writing on this blog, will notice a small contradiction between today's drawing and an earlier statement about my dislike for drawing machinery. to my defence, the machinery in this drawing is quite wobbly and will never work, and whenever a machine is operated by a clearly "over-the-rainbow" loon of a bear, it's okay. so now you know.

the checkout girl

in some periods of our lives, it almost feels like we spend more time with the people working at the supermarket than our own families. maybe if our families had some more 3 for the price of 1 specials this would.
a book recommendation. i just finished "the joke's over" by Ralph Steadman. it's a wild and heart warm look back at more than 30 years of working with Hunter S. Thompson. a must read and the artwork chosen for the book is brilliant.


...and then i went and changed things again. do you like it? i do.
the layout has been changed to better suit the type of work i would like to show here. i spent a long time looking and reading through my blog from the very start to the latest entry... and somewhere along the line, i most have lost track of what i really wanted to use this blog for. it was never my intention for this to be a portfolio kinda blog, or a chronological work dairy (at least not of my commercial work). therefore i have decided to yank a lot of the posts that seem to move the blog away from my original intentions.

Jonas 3 years old

A couple of weeks ago my son Jonas skipped by the 3 year mark in full stride. I slowed him down for a few seconds with this oversized "happy-birthday" painting. We had made a somewhat similar drawing together the morning before, and I wanted to surprise him with this scooter bear. He loved it.

Take a stand

Let us all take a stand for the impulsive, sloppy, with no thought process, cheap ass materials kind of drawing. I salute thee, thou careless and fun line, feel free to smear my hand, I will forever be your brother in crime.

Drawing for Jonas

the other night, my son Jonas and I were telling crazy stories (it was right before his bath, and he was trying to prolong the wait)... well the crazy stories started to get visual when he wanted me to draw them. I grabbed a ball-point pen and empty envelope from the bank, and the lines started to form weird faces, dog droppings, lizards and skateboarding pigs. So much fun. It lasted for about 15 minutes. we were both in the zone, laughing our asses off (apparently I did not laugh hard enough). You should all try this at home.

Smoke em' if you got em'

An AD I've worked with steadily for the past 5-6 years (one of the really nice ones... you know who you are) called me last friday. She had a little rush job, a quaterpage. I was hesitant to accept because I already had more than enough to do. And I have promised myself and my wife to cut seriously back on working on weekends...
but the AD keeps sweet-talking me, you can do one of your more loose line drawings, no colors needed, and the topic was too zany to turn down. a smoking jacket. no, not the top part of a suit, but a jacket that would actually suck in your exhaled smoke to avoid causing any annoyance to your surrounding (let's get real, if that was ever a real concern for smokers they would just stop smoking). being a fanatic non-smoker myself, I accepted the job.
Today the magazine arrived in the mailbox. And my son even liked the way it looked... or maybe it was the "filthy smoke...cough cough, uhh I'm so disgusting" remarks that he liked... we'll never know.
the drawing was done in black ball-point pen used as a dark red photoshop channel and I added a single color for the smoke.

On my desk

The sweet illustrator Linzie Hunter has been kind enough, to add some photos of my work area to her fun and always interesting site www.on-my-desk.blogspot.com ...make sure to visit the site.

A real hoot

another illustration for the danish newspaper kristeligt dagblad. this one for an article about how priests seem to take up a lot of room in the public debates, and they seem to have an opinion about everything... I couldn't really hide my own opinion on this one. i had to control my own laughter several times while inking this, cause i kept thinking of Eddie Murphy in the Nutty Professor laughing his ass off.

Better wait

i did this for an article in the danish newspaper kristeligt dagblad about girls wanting to be grown (read sexy) too fast.