another fagfestival drawing

this scribble was started during a lecture at fagfestival 2006, and finished during the following session. which means some of the line are from memory and some are from actually looking at this oddball.

feeling a bit tired

i don't know if it's the result of far too many work filled weeks in a row, or just plain tiredness, but i'm feeling a bit sleeping, and it's way too early in the day. it's only 16:30. maybe i need to go outside and ventilate my brain with that natural aphrodisiac called... air.

drawings from fagfestival 2006

these are some of the sketches/drawings i did while attending fagfestival 2006. i had the opportunity to listen to some incredible talented people. it was all very inspiring.

guitar solos

guitar solos are apparently on the verge of extinction, at least according to Gaffa. i drew this with my old worn out and trusted brush pen, added some dots in photoshop and dirtied it up with some layers. a real rush job, but a lot of fun.