Rain is here

The wait is over, and it has slowly begun to rain...go to www.peter-hermann.com and get hold of your umbrella.

Insane machine

navn eller titel til billedet
navn eller titel til billedet
I have never been to keen on drawing machinery, but this one was a ball of fun. Of course I never started thinking about if it would actually work... details details. It was printed on the cover of Frie Grundskoler. The other illlustration, a halfpage, was for the same issue.

While we wait

It's been way too long since my last post, sorry to all you kind people who read my ramblings and look at my silly pictures. I have been swamped with work, and on top of that my family and I are moving west in a couple of weeks. Moving boxes are scattered all over the place and time to add funny little post's on the blog are unfortunately scarce these days. But this will soon change. I'm planning a merger of my 2 web sites ( www.plines.dk and www.peter-hermann.com ). Seems natural since the work shown on the 2 sites are getting more and more similar. I'm planning to have this merger done by late june or early july, so until then, place brace yourself with a continued erratic update frequency. For those of you who'll hold on to the horse down this dry bumpy trail, I promise there will be water at the end.