The drawing club

A big thanks to the kind Michael Nobbs from The Drawing Club blog for posting such a nice link to my site. Make sure to visit his very interesting blog.

Camels and reindeer

Ball-point pen drawings done at the local zoo yesterday.

New scans in 8861miles

The last days have been horrible. Early friday, my son was feeling sick, and by late friday his was hospitalised. It' wasn't until late afternoon saturday that his condition started to improve, but the doctors and especially the nurses were really sweet and caring. When the medicine started working in his little body, he quickly began the long way to recovery. Last night (monday) they felt it was safe for us to take him home, and he is doing much better now. My wife and I keep our fingers crossed in hoping that he won't see the inside of a hospital again, until he becomes a father or a doctor.
A huge thanks to family and friends for sending their words of support in a difficult time. And on a much lighter note, a big thanks to the people at for posting a link to my website.
It's been really nice to take my mind of things today, just scanning random drawings and doodles.

On the phone with my brother

My brother and I live a bit to far away from each other to chat over the picket fence with a cup of joe in hand. In stead we talk on the phone, and while doing this I usually fill the paper in front of me with lines. Here are a few examples.

This last piece of paper was littered with lines during a later conversation.

hats and coffee