What really matters

There are very few things in this little life we are given, that really matter. My son got really sick a weekend ago, and he had to spend a few very trying days at the hospital. My wife and I both spend the days and nights there, watching over him and trying to comfort him as best we could. Fortunately his condition was not worse than they could quickly make him feel better, and now a week later, even though he had a small backlash the other day, he is feeling much better and improving by the hour. The courage and strength that children hold will never seise to amaze me. The doctors say that it is more than likely that he will outgrow his asthmatic condition in a few years, and that a another attack might be avoided given the right medicine and care. I guess that serves some kind of comfort to a troubled parent. But there is something else that would really comfort me, and that is for all you SMOKERS out there! QUIT SMOKING RIGHT NOW!!! you are making life so much worse for everyone, so pull your brain out of your ass and get some sense. (the lines below are from the last week, done whenever there was a small break.)