Rules... maybe not

For quite some time I've considered setting up a few rules or guidelines for the way I work. Here are some of them, listed and jotted down in absolutely no order.
- my drawings shall all be either from life, from memory or from my imagination.
- I will treat each work, as just that... a single drawing, between the previous drawing and the next one.
- when i scan my drawings into the computer to be able to share them with others (you), I will only allow manipulation in the form of cropping, contrast adjustment and deleting of private notes in the drawings.

I just want to draw... just plain and simple drawing for the sake for drawing and the fun of it.

I know i should just do my drawings on paper intended for for drawings and write my notes in notebooks or on napkins...but a napkin would be such an interesting place for a drawing, rough and yet so fragile. For a long time, I have been thinking about throwing a lot of my books and drawing materials in the trash( or giving them to someone else) to get my mental luggage cleaned out so to say.

These days my preferred tool seems to be my inexpensive germanmade Elysée fountain pen that uses inkcartrigdes... a very nice and simple tool, much like a ballpointpen, but with a much bolder and flexible line.