New beginning

I lay down my fancy materials and oversized paper pads... close the thick books about other peoples accomplishments, and open my eyes. I see my fingers draw like a brush on the steamed mirror in the bathroom, I have created and the creation will disappear in a minute or two. it feels great. I will never be closer to my work. clouds drift by the upstairs window. the cats defend their territory from unwanted intruders. I draw my son on the back of an envelope with a red ballpointpen. Life is a funny little thing.

sketchbook pages from christmas

During christmas at my parents house, we were all sitting at the table, talking about stuff like the war in Iraq, politics, to more harmless things like if we would get any snow this christmas. ( we did not! ) During the talks/debate I filled a couple of pages in my sketchbook.

I guess this is the kind of stuff going on in my head when I'm just drifting with lines and seeing where they want to go... nothing to deep.

Post It drawings

I just can't resist... a blank space is an invitation to let the ballpointpen
make small spontanious marks. In this case 2 post it notes meant to
serve the purpose of reminder during a shopping trip.


On a cold and windy day before christmas, I visited my dear friend Lene. And as always we had one of our little art jamsessions. We take turns to decide a topic to work from or certain materials to use. On this day I had talked Lene into dusting of her old printing press so we could print some monotypes. During a couple of hours we each did 7 or 8 unique prints, some better than others. It was very fascinating to work directly on a plate covered with printing ink, using different tools to scrape of the ink. This is very much in tune with the way I prefer to work... straight to the finish.