While watching a movie

These scribbels were made while watching the movie "Bend it like Beckham" ,all lines were done with a black and white ball-point pen, in my horizontal sketchbook.

This morning

I was getting ready to go shopping.(first day with stores open after Christmas) I was jotting down a list of what to get on an the back of an envelope. this seems like the environmental way to do things. recycling the paper before recycling it. well, as also I could not help starting to make small doodles on the paper, but because it was early and still completely dark outside, I could clearly see my reflection in the window 6 or 7 feet away, not as clear as when I wear my glasses, but enough to make a small self-portrait.

Loads of new stuff

Someone pointed it out to me. it's been way too long since the last update. agreed. therefore I have added loads of new stuff, not to the blog but to the main site. I'm especially proud of the 2005 ball-point pen sketchbook, collecting some of the drawings I have done this past year, with what has become one of the worlds cheapest writing or drawing tools. it takes a while to load, but that's because it is crammed with goodies. enjoy.

Stamp, yawn, santa and lines of jolly


On the same sheet of paper

All these lines were jotted down on the same sheet of paper with a black ball-point pen.

Drawing from life

This is a shameless promotion of a wonderful book my wife got me for my birthday. It's called"Drawing from life, the journal as art" it's written by Jennifer New and is a true gem with it's collection of different journals. You get a peek at the very personal journals from such artists as John Copeland, Marcy Kentz, David Byrne, John Clapp and many many more... unfortunately I'm not in the book. But it's still a darn good read and an amazing look. Make sure you check it out and maybe add it to your christmas list this year.

The drawing club

A big thanks to the kind Michael Nobbs from The Drawing Club blog for posting such a nice link to my site. Make sure to visit his very interesting blog.

Camels and reindeer

Ball-point pen drawings done at the local zoo yesterday.

New scans in 8861miles

The last days have been horrible. Early friday, my son was feeling sick, and by late friday his was hospitalised. It' wasn't until late afternoon saturday that his condition started to improve, but the doctors and especially the nurses were really sweet and caring. When the medicine started working in his little body, he quickly began the long way to recovery. Last night (monday) they felt it was safe for us to take him home, and he is doing much better now. My wife and I keep our fingers crossed in hoping that he won't see the inside of a hospital again, until he becomes a father or a doctor.
A huge thanks to family and friends for sending their words of support in a difficult time. And on a much lighter note, a big thanks to the people at drawn.ca for posting a link to my website.
It's been really nice to take my mind of things today, just scanning random drawings and doodles.

On the phone with my brother

My brother and I live a bit to far away from each other to chat over the picket fence with a cup of joe in hand. In stead we talk on the phone, and while doing this I usually fill the paper in front of me with lines. Here are a few examples.

This last piece of paper was littered with lines during a later conversation.

hats and coffee

What really matters

There are very few things in this little life we are given, that really matter. My son got really sick a weekend ago, and he had to spend a few very trying days at the hospital. My wife and I both spend the days and nights there, watching over him and trying to comfort him as best we could. Fortunately his condition was not worse than they could quickly make him feel better, and now a week later, even though he had a small backlash the other day, he is feeling much better and improving by the hour. The courage and strength that children hold will never seise to amaze me. The doctors say that it is more than likely that he will outgrow his asthmatic condition in a few years, and that a another attack might be avoided given the right medicine and care. I guess that serves some kind of comfort to a troubled parent. But there is something else that would really comfort me, and that is for all you SMOKERS out there! QUIT SMOKING RIGHT NOW!!! you are making life so much worse for everyone, so pull your brain out of your ass and get some sense. (the lines below are from the last week, done whenever there was a small break.)

3 post it's

Scrap sale at the shop

Go to the shop as fast as you can, and you just might be the lucky buyer, who gets the pizza-ad with the weird monster-doodles on. But you have to hurry!

Going against the crowd

Some of you might notice a few changes to the site. I have made all the pages blogs, to spend the least time doing dry computer work. I hope nobody minds, because I'm really excited about it.

While watching tv

Sitting in front of the tv, all spaced out watching Deadwood and after that, a program about how to prevent creating pollution by using your money more wisely when shopping for food and household supplies. Most of these where just inspired from the tv, but a few of them were real people saying real things.